Blog Post 1

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Joanna started the class of with the question of the day so we can go deeper into what our purpose is. The purpose for us to do what we do. Then we listed what we see happening in the real world. Ex: Internship, Current Events, Personal Experience.

This activity was also so we can get to know each other and get comfortable talking about ourselves and what we see. We then listed a few skills people need to have to be able yo survive this world and the things listed ended up being our class norms.

At the end of class Joanne went over her syllabus.

Blog Post 23

The beginning of class we did question of the day and some SAT practice questions. We read an article and answered three questions. Before we shared out with in class we discussed with our table. 
The ending of class we continued to work on our protoype that DUE TOMORROW for our progressive challenge. 

Blog Post 22

In the begining of class we did an SAT practixe reading to help us on our SAT. The We continues and dedicated time to our progressive challange project. Today we were give ahand out to help us organize our prototype for our issue. Also we worked on our prototype to see what we can add and take away using our peers feed back.  

Blog Post 20

The past days has been all about meeting our deadlines for the progressive challenge project. Every group did their presenation on their issue and nownitvis time to create a protoype to solve this issue. We were given a sheet to fill out that would help Joanne and Steve understand what our protoype is. 

We also had a lesson on the gilded age. The historical gilded age and the modern gilded age we are living in now. 

Blog post 19

The past few days all have been project work time. Joanne has explained and made very clear what she expects from us. The Progressive Challenge project is one big challenge. Joanne explained the next step to making a difference in our topics chosen. The main thing we focused on today was getting to the core of what causes our issue. We did that with a digraph. 


The question of the day asked about what we are good at. After we did SAT practice based on grammer concepts. Then Joanne spoke about the homework we had last night. The article were a white person admits and knows she is white privlege and wants to do something about it. The goal for tonight is to write our own testimony about our privleges and where we do not have privleges. 

Blog 17

We started off with the question of the day: “what motivates you?” 

This lead to our lecture about The Chinese Exclusion Act. Joanne went over the process that Asian descendants had to go through in order to be in The U.S. 

  1. Angel Island
  2. Pass as Mexican

After learing the history we read 4 pieces of history and got all the stereotypes that were presented there. 

The last minutes of class we got some time to work on our progressive challange project.